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This site is for you.  And to know me better, here is a peak behind the curtain of my life.  My values. My vision. My mission. My team and my family.

For over 20 years, I have been blessed to coach, mentor and train some of the most inspirational leaders.  As a global coaches coach, I was privileged to profile and get up close with the most successful in my industry and I have leveraged off their secrets to create for myself my dream life.

Home for me is on the gorgeous Gold Coast with my husband Kent and three kids Mikayla, Joshua and Harry.

I work because I choose to. I want to impact incredible souls on their journey to their dream life. I support many as they question the process and practicality of juggling motherhood, business, charity, friendship and physical needs in an ever-demanding world.

My unique methodology, and belief, is you can make music in everything you do.  By being authentic and passionate, and embracing the change you wish to bring about to give you and your family a better example of how to live a full and rich life.

I look at my daughter and feel myself growing up with her.  Through her, I can recall all stages of my life and I ultimately wish to allow her soul to find it’s path to happiness, for when we follow our hearts all roads lead home.

Teaching and demonstrating how to intuitively flow with life – that is my wish for you.

Welcome home.

Podcasts with Kate

Who is Kate Osborne?

“I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bully – just victims.  If you find yourself a victim, find the courage to get help and move.”  Kate Osborne

For many years Kate has helped individuals, couples and teams apply a process to build a clear vision for the future.  With vision comes clarity …and through this clarity comes change. Change only happens as quickly as you allow it. Kate has lived a life where she embraces change. Through her travels to many lands, her connections with leaders and movers and shakers, she has found the speed with which you are willing to embrace change and decide to adopt new thinking is how you improve results in life.

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1-2-1 Coaching

Coaching is more than just helping people juggle the roles they have in life. Kate knows because despite being a successful business leader, entrepreneur, wife, mother, friend . . she doesn’t see roles; she sees the soul of her clients. Connecting the dots is more than what we do in business; it is how we live, how we see ourselves that delivers superior results that leads to a more powerful life.  Kate’s resiliency has seen her overcome the challenges that would wipe most out.  Her unique methodology gives you real life know how and strategies to implement to build a life you can be proud of.


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We are all different.  We all learn differently.  The way we absorb knowledge and implement is as a unique as each of us.  As a skilled teacher, Kate has an arsenal of tools she uses to deliver the information each of us need on our journey through life.  An entertaining and articulate speaker, Kate gives valuable tools to fast track the change that is key to adopting to our ever-changing world.  Master those techniques with a likeminded group of people that will encourage you to be the next best version of you.



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Audiences require transparency, vulnerability … we live in the age of authenticity. People want to know those who are leading and guiding them are the real deal. When you sit in front of Kate, she captures your imagination and attention with her compelling and genuine storytelling, connecting in a way like few others with her real-world success.  Kate has spoken across the world to leaders who take her practical methodology and apply it immediately.  Keynotes, conferences or team meetings, Kate delivers a standard few achieve and can tailor to your individual needs.


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“I first heard Kate at our conference 10 years ago when I was a fresh franchisee keen to embrace the opportunity to work hard and provide a lifestyle to my family of the future.  Now I am the owner of that franchise with a beautiful wife and 3 kids and I have just sold my 100th franchise.  Kate is our speaker at our national conference and continues to inspire and hit the nail on the head of my team’s issues.  If you want real value for money book Kate.”

Brett Blair

Jim's Pool Care

“Kate never disappoints her audiences. I have used Kate for speaking to my 300+ members to address sales increases, relationship advice and disruption impacts, and every time Kate gives fully of her time and wisdom to connect with my people in both heart and mind. Kate always gives excellent value and our members go away with sound knowledge and ideas to implement into their business straight away.  I highly recommend Kate at your next conference or training.”

Julie Bannister

Key Business Network

Have a cuppa with Kate

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